Curriculum Design and Intent

AAT Curriculum Structure 

The curriculum structure at all of our Avonreach Primary Schools has been carefully designed to meet the needs of each setting. This ensures that there is a common platform so the children can have a wide range of experiences across their time at Primary School; giving them the skills and knowledge that they need to be Secondary ready and for future life.  Inkberrow has a uniquely designed Curriculum that is rooted in its core values and beliefs.  

Curriculum on a Page

Our Curriculum at Inkberrow links in many different ways. In this document, you will see how we have woven all the different threads of learning together. 

Curriculum Intent and Subject Vision statements

Each of our subjects in the Curriculum has its own vision statement. Here you will see how the different Subject Leaders at Inkberrow support the children and staff in their learning of each of the National Curriculum subjects. 

Whole School Curriculum Map 2023-2024

Some of the topics we teach at Inkberrow are from the National Curriculum; others are linked with unique topics designed for our children. Every year group has a local study, where the children focus on learning about their local environments and their place in history. 

Knowledge Pathways through the Curriculum 

There are 6 knowledge pathways that repeat substansive knlowledge through our History and Geography curriculum. The children experience these pathways in many different forms but each pathway is revisited each year so the children can make tangible links between topics.