Worcester's BIG Parade



It has been a very quiet year in some respects, but quietly behind the scenes we have been busy! Something has been happening here at Inkberrow - The sound of ELEPHANTS footsteps! Worcester's BIG Parade is coming soon and you can bet that Inkberrow will be a part of it! 

Throughout the Summer, little and big elephants will be appearing all over Worcester! 

How has it all worked:

1) We launched a competition for all children to design a new elephant baby to decorate

2) We collected our Ele-baby and brought him to his temporary home here at Inkberrow 

3) The children started to come together to decorate him

4) He has gone off back to his herd to go on display in the city centre this Summer 


What got us involved - See the letter below from one of our Year 6 pupils and his dad who are trail experts! Busby gave me a presentation and I felt we needed to be involved - and I am glad we did 

Read the letter here! 


Elephant Calf sculptures will accompany the full-sized (giant!) elephants, exhibited in clusters within Crowngate Shopping Centre and selected shops within the city. The calves will complement and add value to the main Big Parade art trail, showcasing the creativity of groups within our community. Once the parade has drawn to a close, the colourful sculptures will be returned to their creators as a permanent legacy.


Our final design is a combination of a number of different designs from different children, showing all there is to know about being in Inkberrow - You may even spot a number of little Inky's around! There are lots of bright colours and some Indian patterns.  We've chosen to call him INKY-B but we have to keep the images of the complete design under wraps for now!  Top secret - how exciting!  We are allowed to show these little 'teasers' though...



We will update more as we go along the journey - I am hoping that when you find him you will send me a photo that I can upload here! 

Find out more at https://worcestersbigparade.co.uk/ 


Featured Artist!

Amy-Rae has been critical in getting Inky-B to where he is at the moment. When you go on your elephant hunt - you will find 2 pieces of original artwork on INKY-B created and painted by Amy-Rae. She has been a STAR! She has been really help by a number of her fellow classmates in creating the sculpture. 



There will be lots of other schools involved in the trail and this will give 'Inky-B' lots of friends and siblings!  We're delighted to have had a sneak preview of 'Mem' from Astwood Bank Primary School.  Look out for this one on the trail